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Vol. I: My Hong Kong: 1993 & Beyond

August 19, 2011

A bustling city is a great place to explore: high rise buildings, connecting bridges, flashing traffic signals, cars, trucks and buses flooding your view as you try to access just where you are in this wild and enchanting world.

Wandering around Hong Kong can be a nightmare on one hand, and on the other an adrenalizing high performance venture. The sounds in the city are as stimulating as the visual onslaught; pedestrian chatter, honking horns, traffic noise, and the occasional ambulance sirens, drown your sensory stimuli to its limits. At times I wonder if I am walking in a direction to someplace, or if I am automatically drifting along aimlessly carried on by the information overflow that contradicts my mental state.

Above it all, however, the sensation of being in the midst of the environment ‘jogs’ my senses to appreciate the details of this extremely busy city. The constant changing of the locale is stimulating too, as I thread my direction onward.

Hong Kong’s island topography and scenic areas varies vastly from a hill top at ‘The Peak’, down through to the old town slopes of ‘The Mid Levels’, on to the island’s north coast of ‘The Central District’, and then west and east along the northern waterfront shores, stretching from ‘Sheung Wan’ to ‘North Point’ and beyond.  Of course there are other scenic areas to the south of the island, as well as many interesting places in Kowloon.

My Hong Kong: 1993 & Beyond’ is a treasure trove of the vast photographic library that I accumulated during the times I took to personally explore the city. The images are not in chronological nor in a ‘city tour’ order, rather are they selected and arranged to create an interesting read. During my walks I created many free-hand sketches, some of which are included, also some sketches are conceptual drawings of architectural projects I designed and worked on.

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