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My Architecture Anthology: 1993 & Beyond.

November 9, 2011


Architectural design process always starts with a blank page, similar to the process of free-hand sketching, however it is far more complex and thought provoking. That’s a simplified way of looking at what is usually a long and difficult process. Besides analyzing the client’s requirements, the site assets and restrictions, the building code and planning statuary requirements, the non quantifiable considerations must also be part of the analysis.  Many theorists have tried to label a systematic approach to just what is this process of design.  Architects tend to avoid elaborating on the process they take to achieve their final design.  “We leave that to the critics!”

These 2 pages above gives a glimpse of the route I took to develop an image for a 25 storey office building. The plan essentially is a central core ordinary tower plan, where the distance between the elevator core and the curtain wall is the standard 10 meters. That’s what the client thought was useful at that time. Anyhow the typical floor plan generated the exploration of the building elevations. Numerous conceptual ideas for the elevations were sketched and sketched…

My favorite house! All drawings done by hand, AutoCAD only worked on Apple 2+ at that time.

I took 7 photos of this view, spliced them together and meticulously sketched in my impression of how the in-between space could be transformed after the redevelopment of the existing building.

This completed sketch, on the right-hand page 236, was free-hand sketched with the entire infrastructure invented as I imagined what the waterfront, high density office park could be like.


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