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Visit to RDR 22 Years Later: Home I Designed for my Brother

June 21, 2012

Richard’s home is more than 22 years old. He requested a flat roof design and during the design development we corresponded via Bell Canada’s Envoy 100 communication link, years before the invention of Internet! My office was in Edmonton and Richard was in Ottawa! The design process took more than 3 years! And the construction took about 8 months! Richard and Danielle had total faith in my process!

For security the home is set back into the 3.5 acres site with only the garage visible from the street.

The family room, breakfast nook and kitchen (main floor, right) receive the morning sun. Computer study, adjacent to the entry porch, (active work area) is the first to see approaching visitors, while the upper floor bedrooms gets the setting sun.

The dining room, adjacent to the kitchen, gets a view to the outdoor deck and enjoys easy access to the living room. The stairway leads to the lower media centre and to the upper bedrooms, while the gallery serves as “scooper” into the double height living room.

The Master bedroom overlooks the living room and has a focus along the “view corridor” through to the rest of the 3.5acre site.

From the entry foyer you are lead to the gallery, which brings you into the living room.

Indirect lighting ‘softens’ lighting environment in the formal dining room and focuses towards the outdoor patio and the Living room.

The family room opens into the Island kitchen and the breakfast corner. The light well (upper left of the photo) between the floors provides a link for Danielle to chat with her kids while all are separately busy.

Grocery shopping in Canada is a weekly affair when items are usually purchased in bulk and stored for daily usage. That’s important considering the long winter months. In this photo the deep floor to ceiling cupboard separates the breakfast nook from the rear exit door and foyer. The family dog, Trigger, usually likes to lie in the foyer during the winters.

Due to the high water table of the site, the ground floor is built 10 feet above the table. Site fill was then installed around the house elevating the final grade to 2 feet below the ground floor, while giving the basement floor adequate exterior exposure for transom windows. This photo shows how the outdoor deck cascades the 2-foot difference between the ground floor and the finished grade as the lawn ‘grades’ away from the house.

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