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After graduating (M. Arch degree and receiving the Alpha Rho Chi Medal for Architecture) from the University of Manitoba in 1973, I established my private practice in Edmonton, Alberta in 1977. Thirteen years later I relocated my practice to Toronto and since 1977 I am working in Hong Kong. I am a member of the Royal Arch Institute of Canada, Ontario Association of Architects, Hong Kong Institute of Architects, and was a member of Manitoba Association of Architects, and Alberta Association of Architects. 

My interest lies in the art of Architecture Design and the art of Free-Hand Sketching.

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  1. I very much liked the last paragraph. The fact that most of what we see about an edifice is images, suggests that it is the visual side that matters, or supposed to be. This thinking is also extended to the academia, as you would have a lot of renderings representing the students’ project, while not having much (if any) info about it. Of course, this will lead to the old debate that a building should look beautiful etc., but that also means that for the most of it, the edifice is a piece of art on a landscape or street, that was designed from the very beginning to be something the outside viewers will appreciate. As with all art masterpieces , you don’t really need to know about their specifications. If we look at some other products that are meant for human consumption, such as laptops, mobile phones, cars, airplanes, digital cameras, and PSPs, we can clearly notice that they represent themselves by something that matters to the consumer (human) that is going to use them, be it RAM, processing power, megapixels, screen resolution, memory, etc. All this might lead to the conclusion that current architecture is not meant for human use. We might as well pass-by the fitting it into a building stage that most projects undergo, and just leave it as a modern art master piece. I’m sure this will save the people from living (suffering) in an object that is not for human use.

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